How do I set up my terminal

When I set up a new computer, I install a few things right away.

Now the obvious one is Node.js. But, unfortunately, I'm not that adventurous. So I always install the LTS version.

When I'm working on my own, that's all, but lately, I've been working on projects that need me to install different versions of Node.

So, I install NVM via Hombebrew. If it were not for that, I wouldn't install Homebrew at all.

Perhaps I'm missing something, but I don't need it as much as I did a few years ago.


Then I install Hyper. I wouldn't say I like how the default terminal looks. Hyper looks way better, but it is also extensible and faster.

I've installed a few extensions, but the only one I find crucial is the extension that lets me use different tabs.

Oh My Zsh

Since I already have Homebrew, I install Oh My Zsh! as I feel they go hand in hand. Oh My Zsh extends what you can do with the terminal with plugins.

For example, you can add aliases or syntax highlighting.


Finally, I install Fig. I have the worst memory, and Fig adds the function to autocomplete, so I don't have to remember everything.

And that's that. There is some overlap in what the extensions do but some other functionalities unique to each.